Project RN


Schilde, Belgique 


Family garden, forest residence


Creation of a garden in the woods that includes some necessary functions for a family living space. They all disappear by scenography into the wood. The garden is wild but the clipped forms of fagus sylvatica (beech) create contrast, elegance and structure.

Most of the species used are indigenous. The garden fits perfectly into its environment.


In progress

Tuin architectuur Antwerpen 

Tuinarchitectuur ontwerp

Stadstuin Daktuin 

PAKT Wirtz, Axel Vervoord, Vincent Van Duysen VVD, Glenn Sestig Antwerpen Bekend Van der Hilst
architecte paysagiste connu
Jacques Wirtz Paysagiste connu contemporain réputé Liège Bruxelles Bel
best landscape architect
Architecte paysagiste connu belgique

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